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Bobbie Campbell, CDA

My introduction to decorative painting came in 1974. I had visited a friends' home where she had some decorative painting pieces on display and was intrigued by the fact that she did not have to "draw" the design herself. I was no artist and actually made lousy "stick people" but was quite interested in the decorative art pieces she had painted "herself". Having been told where she took classes, I signed up the very next day and was "hooked" after only a few classes.

My teacher, a wonderful woman whose name is Jean Weber, gave me the sound foundation I needed to grow into today's world of decorative painting. Jean shared every bit of knowledge she learned at classes she took at conventions and seminars around the country. Through her sharing and teaching in her classes her students became more self-assured and capable as we grew in our abilities. We lost Jean to cancer in 1988 before I passed my CDA certification in 1989. She would have appreciated the diligence and hard work involved more than anyone I know. And I attribute my ability to share and care for my students to Jean. Just as a mother nurtures her children, so Jean nurtured me -- she saw much more in me than I saw in myself. And I am the painter I have become, because of her.

Starting in oils back in the 70's I was totally exasperated with acrylics the first time I tried them. But over the years because of the fast drying time, I became conformable with acrylics. However, when I wanted the design to be "realistic" I needed to dig out my oils. I just could not make my acrylics blend for shading and highlighting as my oils would do.

I have developed a method over the years, where the blending can be done on the surface of the painted object, just as in oils, using DECOART bottled acrylics. I now feel that I have achieved the best of both worlds - the look of oils using bottled acrylics.

After doing craft shows for many years, I started my own business in 1995 "SHE TOILS IN TOLE". With my own designs I started teaching classes at conventions and conferences around the country and then took on the challenge of booth space at conventions and conferences as well. Although the business name of "SHE TOILS IN TOLE" is memorable, most people recognize me as "Bobbie Campbell, CDA Designs".

None of this would be possible without family support. My husband, Buster, has always given me 150% of his support and attends most of the Conventions and Conferences with me. While he mans the booth, I can teach classes and do demonstrations for the company that makes my brushes, ROYAL/LANGNICKEL. We have two children and 3 wonderful grandchildren. Tyler, Macy and Bryce keep "Gigi" hopping, but I would not have it any other way.

I belong to the Society of Decorative Painters and have served on the Board of Directors, as well as many committees for the Society. I belong to many painting Chapters, including Old Mill Decorative Painters, Southside Brushes and Illinois Prairie Painters. The Society of Decorative Painters is an integral part of my painting life and as a member has given me the ability to become a better decorative artist. Update: SDP is now a part of the Foundation and is no longer a membership group.

I teach at many conventions around the country and Canada as well as Shops and groups. To request information about seminars, brushes, books, packets and videos please e-mail me.

If you leave a message and I do not get back to you right away, it means I'm at a convention or teaching a seminar. I will get back with you upon my return home.


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